Our Story

Born From One Son’s Mission To Help His Father Fight A Chronic Disease


The Start

Through Experience Comes Innovation

Scott Holden (founder) began running cannabis extraction via CO2 and hydrocarbons for oil manufacturing and early-stage product development for the cannabis vape industry as a side project to his career in software.


CBD Global Is Founded

Leaving Software Technology & Getting Back To Biological Sciences

Scott learned of his father’s CMML diagnosis and began to focus on hemp CBD product development to find a high potency and non-intoxicating solution for his father.
CBD Global launched, making it one of the first three companies to appear in the CBD industry, pre-dating the US Farm Bill.
CBD Global secured a rare high CBD strain of low THC hemp with >75% CBD concentration in first phase extraction, which held greater medicinal value and legal compliance than the popularized Charlotte’s Web strain that appeared much later.
Began importing and distributing crude CBD hemp oil and CBD isolate into US market.
Began research projects with three universities covering areas of study in plant genome sequencing, gene transformation via CRISPR technology, human bioavailability blood analysis to determine dosage and regimen plans, and radio assays for measuring receptor binding affinity and subsequent product efficacy.


Ahead Of The Curve

From Start To Standards: CBD Global Creates Hero Product Series & Industry Standards Platform

Saw first year’s successes with father’s CBC blood tests.
Began helping additional families in need by donating finished products in exchange for access to physician monitored data on their progress (no medical advice was provided).
Introduced first High Potency Sublingual Drops™ (HPSD) to the market with upwards of 3,000mg CBD per 7ml dropper with terpenes and other enhanced ingredients.
Expanded raw material offerings to the market with multiple extract formats from refined oils to winterized distillates.
Introduced water-soluble CBD powder.
Created Cannabis Transparency Standards™ (CTS) Platform.


Growth & Innovation

Expanding Company Offerings, Solidifying Partnerships, & Launch Of First Brand

Introduced water-soluble CBD liquids.
Officially brought in Lab Effects, a premier terpene manufacturer, as a full-time division of CBD Global.
Seeking true organic certified hemp crops, CBD Global secured exclusive relationship with European farming and extraction partners in Prague, Czech Republic, bringing the EU supply chain into Cannabis Transparency Standards™ Platform.
Started R&D and patient monitoring of volunteers on transmucosal and pulmonary powder inhaler.
Officially launched MedRight™ medical brand, introducing the market's first Controlled Spectrum™ & Target Response Formulations™.


Picking Up The Pace

CBD Global Gains Momentum

Cannabis Transparency Standard™ consumer portal site launched, providing public access to all chain-of-custody batch tracking documents for CBD Global products.
Introduced static free high speed flowable cannabinoid and terpene powder.
Introduced True Nano™ to the market through first non-emulsified nano particle technology.
First to introduce bulk Cannabigerol (CBG) to the market and incorporate into product suite.
Officially launched LIVALI™, premium women’s skincare retail product line.


The Year of Launches

Expanding Technologies & Research Allows For New Advanced Product Developments

Officially launched Balanced Biology™ performance and conscious living retail product line.
Officially launched Counter Culture™ recreational vape and dab retail product line.
Introduced Broad Spectrum Crystal Complex™ (BSCC™)—customized cannabinoid APIs.
Introduced Broad Spectrum Water Soluble Complex™ (BSWSC™)—BSCC™ rendered into water-soluble liquids and powders.
Introduced Plasma™—High potency non-crystalizing vape oil using no additives such as the common PG/VG/MCT/squalene oils. (Never used Vitamin E acetate)
Introduced Advanced BioUptake™ formulations—using True Nano™ with normal particle size APIs to expand the therapeutic duration with reduced onset times.


Taking Root In Golden, CO

Expanding Growth Leads To New Facility & Online Brand Exposure

Moved offices and laboratories to new, expanded facility in Golden, CO.
Officially launched DAWA™—smokable Moroccan Hash and Kief retail product line.
Redesigned all retail product brands and expanded marketing and sales teams.
Launched branded products on new retail e-commerce site releafcbd.com.
Expanded IP portfolio management legal team for new product patents and trademarks.
Introduced Cannabichromene (CBC) to product suite.
Achieved GMP manufacturing status in new facility.


Establish Online Presence

Launching Official New Sites That Share Our Story & Research Journey

Introduced Cannabinol (CBN) to product suite.
Launched redesigned official CBD Global website.
Launched new Lab Effects website.
Launched new CTS™ website and began efforts to blockchain the platform.

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