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Plant Species
Education & Academic Collaboration
3rd Party Licensed Consumer Monitoring
Data Collection for Future R&D

CBD Global has expanded its breadth of research over the years through collaborations with independent academic and clinical research teams. These joint projects have allowed us to contribute commercial infrastructure and funding to emerging research while acquiring invaluable data in return, positioning CBD Global years ahead of the market with differentiating market protections established as early as 2013.

Colorado University Boulder CBD Global
Kentucky University CBD Global
Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals CBD Global

Furthering Cannabis Though Applied Science & Research

CBD Global collaborates with three universities to conduct research and organize joint academic studies. The goal of this work is to establish an ongoing collection of valuable data that can be used by physicians, researchers, care providers, lawmakers, and product manufacturers. This growing platform of information is intended to guide the industry and improve decisions regarding product development, treatment planning, policymaking, and regulatory oversight that are based on sound science and applied research.

Plant Species Development

Each cannabinoid carries its own unique medicinal profile, but no plant produces high enough concentrations of certain lessor cannabinoids in its natural state. Post-processing work is required to increase those levels, which naturally adds costs to production and API acquisition.
We employ several genetic transformation techniques to overcome this challenge and make cost-controlled manufacturing of minor cannabinoids scalable. These techniques are executed strictly working with the plant’s natural genome without the introduction of foreign DNA.
No Transgenics - Non GMO - Organic Status Maintained

Extraction Science

Our dedicated team in the Czech Republic consists of scientists, engineers, and master chemists devoted to producing GMP pharma-grade cannabinoids at a commercial scale for distribution into North America through CBD Global. They’ve designed proprietary extraction systems and custom thin-film distillers using state-of-the-art facilities at the Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals (ICPF).
This team manages an additional research facility outside of the ICPF conducting clinical trials and producing synthetic CBD, CBC, and semi-synthetic CBN for research applications. This resource for data acquisition is highly valuable since clinical trials are significantly more difficult to execute in the United States.

Consumer Monitoring in Licensed 3rd Party Clinics

Our commitment to innovation and education within the industry is continually expanding with contributions in research and testing. Objective information gathering is imperative to uncovering product development opportunities and for establishing guidelines on standardization and safety.
Consumer monitoring is conducted with 3rd party licensed clinics and practitioners, utilizing products, protocols and test kits provided by CBD Global. These studies work with volunteers, analyzing bioavailability and bioefficacy of multiple formulations and delivery methods to determine dosage and regimen plans based on measurable and repeatable data.


(Cannabinoid Blood Tests)

Used to measure blood absorption and cannabinoid concentration levels over time for analyzing formulations and mode of delivery. This data establishes more accurate dosage and regimen plans.

Radioligand Binding

(CB1/CB2 receptor binding affinity of cannabinoids)

Tracking cannabinoids to their targeted sites and measuring receptor binding success allows us to analyze relative changes between unique human demographics and different formulation profiles.
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