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TrueNano™ is

A Bound Condition

The term “nano” is often used as a buzzword to describe simple micro-emulsions that use micelles or liposomes, which are significantly larger in particle size, less absorbable and slower to deliver than TrueNano™. Using emulsions to wrap ingredients in spheres of fat is useful to get oil to temporarily suspend in water for certain food applications, like protein powders and flavored drinks, but insufficient for creating a stable, crystal clear and efficacious water-nutrient delivery system based on oil-based molecules. TrueNano™ technology is something entirely different, where cannabinoids, terpenes, vitamins, minerals, and powerful glyconutrients are locked within the structure of water itself.

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Into The Body





Why Nanoparticle Water?

Your body is approximately 70% water. Water is critical to your health as it carries vital nutrients and oxygen to cells throughout your body. Scientific studies show the smaller a particle is, the more bio-available and efficacious it is. Large particles are less bio-available, have a slower delivery time, and are less usable by the cells.

Lipophilic (oil-based) molecules such as cannabinoids (CBD) separate from water, and thus exist naturally in grouped clusters (~2,000 nanometers in size), like oil droplets on water. These clusters contain millions of CBD molecules. We bring the particle-sized of each ingredient down to 7 nanometers (nearing the picometer threshold), allowing these nutrients to penetrate all cellular membranes.

Our technology breaks the covalent bonds between hydrogen and oxygen atoms removing water memory before it is purified through several stages of reverse osmosis filtering and distillation. Within half a second, we infuse the water with over 95 different nanosized cannabinoids, essential vitamins, minerals and powerful glyconutrients, locking them within nanosized water clusters that can deliver trillions of individual activated particles like a trojan horse, reaching every receptor in the body.

A nanometer is to a meter as a marble is to the size of the Earth.

Absorption vs Effectiveness

Particle Comparison

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Getting into the bloodstream is only the first step. Particles must fulfill their destiny by finding a receptor or breaking down for metabolism. While micelles and liposomes may assist with initial absorption, they re-agglomerate (i.e. clump back together) within the blood returning to their original size. Being harder to breakdown these larger emulsion particles have a lower receptor binding potential and reduced efficacy.

Verified through laser backscatter testing, TrueNano™ particles are only a fraction of the size of micelles and liposomes, existing as a bound condition that maintains its size throughout the body.

The images below are the actual ratios for each particle size in comparison

CBD Global Cannabinoid Particle Size





CBD Global True Nano Particle Size



CBD Global Emulsion Particle Size

Nano Technology

How It All Works

True Nano Particle Stage 1 CBD Global



Ultra purified water runs through several stages of reverse osmosis filtering to remove impurities and old water memory.

True Nano Particle Stage 2 CBD Global



Splits the bonds between hydrogen and oxygen atoms breaking down large natural water clusters into Nanoscale clusters.

True Nano Particle Stage 3 CBD Global



In a ½ second window, the water is infused with Broad Spectrum Nanoscale Cannabinoids, Terpenes, Vitamins, Minerals and powerful Glyconutrients.

True Nano Particle Stage 4 CBD Global



Nano Nutrients are immediately captured by reformed nano water clusters small enough to pass through any cell wall.

True Nano Water Bulk CBD Global

Balanced Biology™

TrueNano™ CBD Water

As part of our Balanced Biology™ product line, TrueNano™ CBD Water is the purest, most bio-available cannabinoid water product on the market. The additional nutrients we use boost immunity support, recovery potential and the overall antioxidant healing power of this water well beyond the properties of just CBD alone. The final product is a fast-acting, highly therapeutic supplement drink.

TrueNano™ has been used very successfully by people to help reduce discomfort associated with anxiety, sleep, pain, menstrual cramps, arthritis and more.

CBD Global Nano Text bullets

Broad Spectrum Cannabinoid & Terpene Blend (THC-Free)

CBD Global Nano Text bullets

NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide)

CBD Global Nano Text bullets

Mitochondrial Energy Proprietary Blend

CBD Global Nano Text bullets

Glycobiological Proprietary Blend

CBD Global Nano Text bullets

Trace Mineral Proprietary Blend (over 50 minerals)

Water Miscible

Powders & Liquids

Increase the bioavailability of extracts and concentrates by rendering them water-soluble through a wide range of techniques including liposomal, micelle microencapsulation, and TrueNano™ particle suspension.

Lab Effects


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