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Zero-Loss High Speed Flowable Powders

CBD Global renders any source material into highly efficacious second-generation products. Zero-Loss High Speed Flowable Powders are static-free, making them ideal for capsules and other machine filling applications.

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Introduction To Zero-Loss High Speed Flowable Powders

Using non-destructive methods, our oil to powder conversion process preserves the integrity of the oil, delivering a free-flowing powder that is compatible with most dry mix production processes.

We convert oils into free-flowing powders through a room temperature nitrogen-rich atmosphere, free of heat and oxygen where the oil is physically forced into, not just onto, the carrier. This controlled environment ensures the isomer profile or fatty acid of the base oil is not affected, maintaining the molecular integrity and therapeutic value of each component, eliminating the loss of any active ingredients.

The final result is a product that can be readily tableted, encapsulated, or blended into a food, beverage, cosmetic, or lotion application.

Key Factors of Zero-Loss High Speed Flowable Powders

Conventional drying methods used to powderize oils either change or destroy an oil’s original nutritive value, rendering it less effective. CBD Global's non-destructive process creates a more stable and reliable product that:

Does not alter the oil's molecular structure
Does not destroy the active nutrients
Has reduced oxidation levels
Has low peroxide levels
Has longer shelf stability
Reduces ingredient costs
Has high oil load potential

Zero-Loss High Speed Flowable Powder Oil & Isolate Processing

Setting New Standards of Purity, Potency, and Consistency

5%-70% Standardized Load Factors (50-700mg/g)


CBD Global can deliver flowable powderized versions of any of our cannabinoid products, retaining the integrity of the oil or isolate. A variety of solids are also utilized in our processing, depending on the intended final application. These can include tapioca maltodextrin, cellulose, silica, calcium carbonate, whey protein, and more. The load factors (percentage of oil in the powder) can range from 5% to 70%.

Great for tablets, capsules, blending into foods, beverages, cosmetics, and lotions.

**Zero-Loss High Speed Flowable Powders are raw ingredients used by product formulators and are not consumer-ready products.

Our Powderized Products





We Support

Research & Innovation

We provide GMP and synthetic API options for highly regulated clinical and university research settings. These products are manufactured, handled, and stored in accordance with ICH Q7 guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practices for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.

99% CBD Iso EU GMP


99% CBD Iso Synthetic


99% CBC Iso Synthetic


Water Miscible

Powders & Liquids

Increase the bioavailability of extracts and concentrates by rendering them water-soluble through a wide range of techniques including liposomal, micelle microencapsulation, and True Nano™ particle suspension.

Nano Water Technology


Proprietary TrueNano™ technology that is far more sophisticated than the common emulsified products seen in the market. This non-emulsified process engineers water and particle clusters, controlling their size and structure to such an extent that it results in 99% absorption with increased bioefficacy and receptor binding affinity.

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