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Whole Plant Base CBD Global Formulations

Whole Plant

From whole plant oils to distillates, we build upon a broad spectrum base.
Increased Actives CBD Global Formulation

Increased Actives

Increasing each necessary active cannabinoid and terpene to exact ratios of choosing.
Targeting Ailments CBD Global Formulations

Target Ailments

To standardize an end product that is designed to target specific ailments.

The Stages of CBD Global's Production Cycle

Our commercial production begins with agrigenomics research and the development of unique hemp varieties with concentrated phenotypes of interest. Controlled breeding and precision extraction techniques standardize our raw materials for the production of advanced products unlike any seen in the market. Collaborative clinical studies then provide us data to analyze and validate product efficacy while making decisions for improving future product development. And the cycle continues.

Branded Products

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Our Customer Reviews & Global Reach

A truly reliable company in the cannabis space!

Rated 5 out of 5
May 24, 2020

These guys go above and beyond from their products and formulations to their customer support, standardization practices, and documentation. They’ve been a key partner in helping us with our online CBD e-commerce store providing us with all necessary documents when needed, high-quality branded products, and team support. I highly recommend working with CBD Global!!

Dustin ~ ReleafCBD.com

Oncology Formula

Rated 5 out of 5
January 8, 2022

I ordered a 120 ml bottle of your oncology/immunity terpenes in April of this year. I had been diagnosed with Lymphoma which was progressing to Leukemia, most likely from exposure to Agent Orange when I was serving in Vietnam with the Australian forces.

My white cell count has been rising steadily for three years, and I had my regular blood test after I had been using your product for about 6 months.

The cancer specialist stated that my white cell count had plateaued and even started to decline. This is unusual with Leukemia and I told him the only change I made was using your oil. He did not say much about it except to keep using it if I thought it was helping, which I obviously believed it was. I have gone immediately from 6 monthly checks to yearly checks and he seemed to think that it was unlikely to require anything more than that.

Further to that my niece had been diagnosed with breast cancer, had chemo and surgery to remove the lumps. After about a year they started to re-appear, so I made her up some oil and sent it to her. After using it for three months she went in for her check up and the new tumors had pretty much shrunk to nothing and they could find no problems with her blood tests. She also told her specialist that the only change she had made was using your oil and he pretty much said the same thing as my cancer guy.

In a nutshell, thank you very much from myself and my niece. I believe your product has made the difference.

John Dunne

Thank you for the amazing healing!

Rated 5 out of 5
January 8, 2022

I just wanted to say thank you! I was given a round tin of CBD rub from a friend for my inflammation due to my psoriasis on my face and rheumatoid arthritis and chronic pain, with many other problems, on my back. This has cured my psoriasis on my face and has helped so much for my back! I just wanted to say god bless this company and everyone employed! Thank you for giving me a better life! Enlightened Kerry from California.

Kerry Fields







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The CBD Global name is known synonymously with quality and compliance. Predating the Farm Bill by several years, CBDG set the stage early on in the hemp industry by upholding standards well above those required by government regulators. CBDG continues to serve the industry today as a trusted leader and advisor to businesses and policymakers collectively interested in supporting proactive and self-regulated growth.

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