Leaders in Vertical Integration

A Continuous Information Feedback Loop Drives Our Production Lifecycle

The Stages of CBD Global's Production Cycle

Our commercial production begins with agrigenomics research and the development of unique hemp varieties with concentrated phenotypes of interest. Controlled breeding and precision extraction techniques standardize our raw materials for the production of advanced products unlike any seen in the market. Collaborative clinical studies then provide us data to analyze and validate product efficacy or make decisions for improving future product development. And the cycle continues.

Strategic Partnerships Make Vertical Integration Possible

Great business happens when companies of high integrity come together to accomplish common goals. We are fortunate to have gathered together a group of people and organizations that share the vision of creating high-quality products that work and work well. Through these partnerships with farms, extraction facilities, universities, medical advisors, and distribution channels we’ve been able to grow and expand at a rapid rate.
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Competitive Advantage for our Customers

Vertical integration of the entire production and distribution cycle provides benefits that go beyond cost and quality control. It provides us the ability to prepare our customers for anticipated market changes before they hit the industry at large. Our product and service offerings are designed accordingly to ensure that our customers are always positioned ahead of the curve and able to capture even greater market share in this vast and rapidly changing industry.
CBD Global is able to offer a fully integrated solution to its clients by maintaining consistent inventories developed from the highest quality strains of industrial hemp and by providing services that have eliminated the logistical challenges and exorbitant costs associated with importation, storage, processing, purification, formulation, and documentation.
Our End-To-End Production Cycle leads to higher quality and more effective products.

Learn how Cannabis Transparency Standards™ apply to all aspects of CBD Global’s Operations.