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Consumer Safety And Product Efficacy Are Our Top Priorities

End-to-End Validation That Goes Beyond Compliance

Testing is at the foundation of everything we do. It is more than our corporate responsibility; it is core to our identity.
Obtaining accurate analytics is an ongoing challenge for the cannabis industry. There's no regulation that governs the type of equipment, testing protocols, or calibration standards used by labs to enforce consistency. Businesses must understand testing procedures to proactively find and vet reliable labs to work with.
CBD Global uses accredited third-party labs that only employ validated analytical standards used in clinical research and pharmaceutical manufacturing settings. These standards were designed for accuracy and repeatability.
Our testing begins at the farm and continues through the distribution of finished goods. Post-sale patient monitoring measures product bioavailability and bioefficacy, creating a feedback loop of information for product development and formula improvement, which exists as an endless living cycle.
Analytics & Testing Of All Product Stages CBD Global

THC Compliance

Biomass Testing

All pre-harvest and post-harvest biomass is tested to show legal adherence to THC content of less than 0.3% on a dry weight basis. After approval, the material begins lot and batch tracking, storage, and processing.

This same initial potency COA identifies all other base cannabinoid levels and relative ratios to each other, serving as a chain of custody to validate that all extracts are derived from their listed biomass source.

Potency Test Used

High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

HPLC Biomass Testing CBD Global

Full Panel Certificates of Analysis (COA) on All Extracts

Safety & Compliance Above That Required by the FDA


  • High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)
  • Gas Chromatography (GC-FID)
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)


  • Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS)


  • Head-Space Gas Chromatography (GC-FID)
  • Head-Space Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS)


  • Gas Chromatography (GC-MS/MS)


  • Gas Chromatography (GC-MS/MS)
  • Liquid Chromatography (LC-MS/MS)
  • LC-MS/MS (through the “QuEChERS” method of extraction)
  • High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)
  • Gas Chromatography (GC-ECD)


  • Aerobic Plate Count (APC)
  • Yeast and Mold Count
  • Coliforms

Our Choice of 3rd Party Labs

CBDG Brand
CBDG Brand
CBDG Brand
CBDG Brand

Third-party labs that meet CBDG’s qualification criteria must:

■ Be ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited & recognized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
■ Be Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) registered
■ Post their Standards of Deviation
■ Have more sensitive Limits of Quantitation (LOQs) than the industry average
■ Be willing to discuss their protocols and results
■ Be focused on quality over volume

Potency Level

Tests on Final Products

Every product we formulate is tested for potency levels to confirm that the expected cannabinoid content is, in fact, the true content. Other specialty tests and analyses are performed on unique products such as our True Nano™ water. Using a Malvern Zetasizer Non-Invasive Backscatter (NIBS), which is not commonly found in cannabis-focused testing labs, allows us to accurately measure nanoparticle size (7nm).

Potency Test Used

High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

Particle Test Used

Backscatter Test for True Nano Particle Size


Nano Backscatter CBD Global

Academic & Clinical Partnerships for

Consumer Monitoring Studies

CBD Global collects clinical data from volunteer patient studies that tests the absorption rates and effectiveness of multiple product formulations and delivery methods. This work provides invaluable data for ongoing adjustment of cannabinoid and terpene levels as well as other complimentary botanicals used in our supplements and Over the Counter Drug (OTC) products.


(Cannabinoid Blood Tests)

Used to measure blood absorption and cannabinoid concentration levels over time for analyzing formulations and mode of delivery. This data establishes more accurate dosage and regimen plans.

Radiobinding Assays

(CB1/CB2 Receptor Binding Affinity of Cannabinoids)

Tracking cannabinoids to their targeted sites and measuring receptor binding success allows us to analyze relative changes between unique human demographics and different formulation profiles.

Complete supply chain transparency and product testing results available to the public

Cannabis Transparency Standards™ (CTS) is the only fully transparent chain-of-custody platform where businesses and consumers have complete access to all analytic reports on a product—from agricultural origins through production to final packaging.
Cannabis Transparency Standards CBD Global
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