Nobody Can Do Big Things On Their Own

Finding good people and forging great teams takes time

CBD Global is blessed to have such a strong group of talented individuals who are dedicated to each other on a singular mission with a shared belief:

How we spend our time in life matters. Our lives are richer when we spend it doing things that matter to others.

At CBD Global, we believe in challenging institutional norms, going where there is no path, and leaving a trail. This is a place where new theories, lessons, and skills are enacted, practiced, embodied, and realized.

When we challenge ourselves to grow personally, we evolve together professionally and our ability to help others only strengthens.

Core US Team

Scott Holden


Jennifer Cornet


Todd Garston

Director of Operations

David Hultz

Director of Sales

Nick Gordon

National Sales Manager

Dustin Lato

Creative Director

Emma Bisogno

Director of Marketing & Public Relations

Melissa Broderick

Social Media Manager

Britta Schlagbaum

Junior Designer
Taj Lab Tech CBD Global

Taj Ray

Senior Lab Technician
Joey Lab Tech CBD Global

Joey Zucker

Lab Technician

Core EU Team

Jan Storch, Ph.D.

Production Director
PhD CBD Global Europe

Miroslav Richter

Head Chemist EU CBD Global

Jan Sykora, Ph.D

Quality Control

Medical & Academic Advisors

Dr. Mike Limberg, MD


Dr. Joseph Morgan, MD

Drug Safety/Clinical Research

Ling Yuan, Ph.D.

Agrigenomics, University of Kentucky

Kent Hutchinson, Ph.D.

University of Colorado

Nolan Kane, Ph.D.

University of Colorado

Bob Sievers, Ph.D.

University of Colorado

Legal Team

Frank Robison, Esq.

CBDG Attorney

Maggie Wilensky, Esq.

CBDG Attorney

MaryBeth Vellequette, Ph.D., J.D.

CBDG IP Portfolio Manager

Robert J. Jondle, Ph.D., J.D.

CBDG Attorney