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The human endocannabinoid system produces endocannabinoids naturally to stimulate the millions of CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors in the human body. Cannabis oil contains potent amounts of phyto-cannabinoids, which can be used as concentrated medicine to supplement prevalent deficiencies in our bodies, returning biological systems back to homeostasis.

In a balanced state, inflammation decreases, muscles relax, cerebral blood flow increases, over-stimulated nerves are calmed and the body is able to heal itself.

Formulated With Tracked & Tested Ingredients

Every product developed, designed, and manufactured follows stringent transparency standards for every ingredient made in-house or sourced from trusted partners. We make sure each step of the process meets CTS™ guidelines and exceeds FDA regulation.

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Your Right to Products Made Right™

MedRight® is an advanced non-intoxicating cannabis product line developed by CBD Global for people with specific needs that require aggressive, safe, and effective alternatives to traditional pharmaceutical drugs. MedRight® was launched after years of testbed formulations were given to families in need who shared their physician monitored results with CBD Global allowing for ongoing product improvements to be made and perfected. MedRight® became the industry's first cannabis products of true clinical quality with formulation targets able to achieve real results. The difference is what’s inside!

LIVALI™ skincare is a high-end women's anti-aging cosmetic line developed with today’s most sought after ingredients for natural beauty. LIVALI™ was designed so women would not have to give up the ingredients they already seek in premium name brands in order to incorporate the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids into their daily routines. LIVALI™ women now have it all in one brand. LIVALI™ is formulated as natural as possible without sacrificing function or stability, bringing the best skincare technology together in one line, unlike any before it.

New & improved formulas launching 2021!

Biology In Balance™

The best-kept secret of medicine is that the body heals itself when we create the right conditions and stop doing the things that cause sickness in the first place. Balanced Biology™ products are formulated for active individuals who take healthy living seriously. Elevate your performance and improve recovery with powerful natural ingredients that are proven to work. CBD global has formulated the benefits of cannabis into products people already incorporate into their daily routine so they don’t have to make major changes to have their bodies function at their optimal potential. Live consciously. Start your own wellness revolution by doing nothing more than buying smarter products for better results. Join our community and experience your own biology – in balance.

New & improved formulas launching 2021!
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Dawa™ is the Moroccan word for medicine. The process of making traditional Hash and Kief dates back centuries but applying this technique to produce hemp-derived CBD and CBG specific products (without THC) has never been done before. CBD Global has borrowed this old world Moroccan tradition of gathering naturally occurring kief and hand-rubbing premium hash and applied it to the current hemp industry to craft the new world’s first premium artisan smokable products.

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Trusted source for profiling, extraction, purification, and custom formulation of 100% natural botanical and cannabis terpenes.

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