Cultivation & Extraction

European Infrastructure Provides Strategic Global Positioning & Numerous Advantages For Our Customers

The CBD Global story began before the US Farm Bill, so securing exclusive European partnerships early on was critical to establishing an uninterrupted supply chain and robust compliance program prior to the CBD market taking off.

Europe Hemp CBD Global

Due to its natural climate, northern Europe is widely known as one of the best geographies to grow hemp in the world.

Crop consistency is the first step in delivering high-end products to consumers, and the hemp industry’s predominant lack of access to clean and consistent supplies of raw cannabinoids from reputable, knowledgeable, and legal sources has hampered product manufacturers, driving them to questionable sources of variable quality.

Cost & Quality Control Through Family-Run Farms and University Partnerships

Our cultivation partners have grown industrial hemp for generations passing their institutional knowledge and experience down the family line as a shared and practiced art. These family-run farms create hundreds of jobs for their communities covering thousands of acres of cultivation. By contracting such dedicated human resource capital through our Czech university extraction team, we have eliminated the logistical challenges and exorbitant costs associated with cultivation, importation, storage, processing, purification, and documentation.
Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals CBD Global
Pharmacan CBD Global

A Reputation of Quality Begins with a Culture of Compliance

Each of our partnerships fulfills a needed area of expertise in the overall production lifecycle. This process begins in the Czech Republic with Pharmacan s.r.o. who is responsible for managing contracts for EU certified hemp cultivation and harvesting, as well as biomass extraction and post-processing within their cGMP and ISO 9001 certified facility housed at the Czech Academy of Sciences.

The resources available to us through our relationship with the Czech Academy of Sciences are immense. Quality control is second to none with our production taking place in a licensed Schedule (1) - Controlled Substance drug research facility. This environment provides us open access to top of the line analytical testing equipment and academic staff. Doctoral students work with our production under supervision to earn educational credits through laboratory hours, while our operation benefits from highly qualified low-cost labor.

Our materials are tested throughout production to ensure only the highest quality product is produced and approved for commercial release. This attention to purity sets the bar for our manufacturing with pharma standards that are carried through every stage of production.

Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals CBD Global

State-of-the-Art Custom Extraction Equipment

Once the hemp is harvested, tested and dried, it is batched, documented and taken to our partner facilities at the Czech Academy of Sciences. True industrial hemp is a complicated plant to extract large quantities of cannabinoids from. Through years of research and practical application testing our Czech team was able to develop custom extraction equipment tailored specifically to the hemp plant. The production capacity of this technology now allows us to process metric tons of biomass every week into high-grade oil.

Post Process Refinement, Distillation & Isolation

To remove impurities and refine the extracted crude oils, we run charcoal filtration, short path and thin-film distillation with proprietary custom developed units that produce high potency extracts of targeted cannabinoids. These distilled extracts are either run through chromatography columns or put through a crystallization process creating molecular isolates of the highest purity.

Crude (18%)

18% Whole Plant CBD Oil CBD Global

Refined (25%)

CBD 25% Broad Spectrum Oil CBD Global

Dewaxed (70%)

CBD 70% Oil CBD Global

Distillate (80%)

CBN 70% Oil CBD Global

Isolate (99%)

CBD Isolate CBD Global

Active Agricultural Research Programs Focus the Direction of Subsequent Cultivation Seasons

The following projects are designed to continually improve our supply chain for quality and standardization.
Plant Breeding CBD Global
Plant Breeding
Various breeding techniques, from Mendelian genetics to genotype and phenotype mapping.
Agriculture BioTech CBD Global
Agricultural Biotech
Implementing valuable agricultural biotech tools for propagation, tissue culture, and genetic assays to improve the production of consistent crops.
Gene Editing CBD Global
Gene Sequencing & Editing
Gene sequencing and editing via chemical mutagenesis, agrobacterium-mediated transformation, and gene-gun techniques for knockouts and amplifications that allow farmers to control agronomic traits for high yielding crops.
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