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The creators of Controlled Spectrum™ and Target Response Formulations™

Whole Plant Base CBD Global Formulations

Whole Plant

From whole-plant to pharma-purity, we build upon We build upon a whole-plant base
Increased Actives CBD Global Formulation

Increased Actives

We increase each necessary active to exact ratios
Targeting Ailments CBD Global Formulations

Target Ailments

The end product is designed to target specific ailments

Driving Innovation

Using natural chemistry to evolve common ingredients into next-generation applications that broaden the industry’s manufacturing capabilities.

Vertical Integration

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Research & Development

CBD Global’s commitment to community engagement, political advocacy, and education within the industry is continually expanding through contributions in academic research and in the establishment of guidelines for standardization and safety. CBDG is collaborating with three universities to conduct research and organize joint academic studies.

Cultivation Industrial Hemp Farm CBD Global
CBD Global Cultivation
Cultivation & Extraction

Great business happens when companies of high integrity come together to accomplish common goals. We are fortunate to have gathered together a group of people and organizations that share the vision of creating high-quality products that work and work well.

At CBDG, we test all our material and formulations throughout the manufacturing cycle to ensure only the highest quality material is produced. This attention to quality and purity has helped us establish company processes that provide accurate and transparent compliance standards, tracked at all stages, to ensure trust in our products.

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Analytics & Testing

By testing and analyzing at all stages of the manufacturing cycle, CBD Global holds not only themselves but all of their 3rd party partners to a required standard in order to ensure products are safe. Because of these testing standards, CBDG only sources the cleanest and most responsibly manufactured cannabinoids and other product ingredients available. It takes experience and knowledge to circumvent the hype and questionable business practices that exist around any industry that's growing as fast as today’s medical cannabinoid market. It is through transparency of source and testing that CBDG is able to create high quality, efficacious products, but it is also the single most important way a consumer can begin to learn and choose companies to do business with and which products to use.

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CBD Global CBD Nasal Spray
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CBD Global’s practice of strict processes and rigorous continued testing throughout the manufacturing cycle produces the highest quality cannabinoid & terpene products in the market today. Through various noninvasive extraction methods, CBDG is able to yield high concentrate percentages for CBD, CBG, CBC, and CBN distillate oil, as well as CBD & CBG isolate, all of which are used to produce internal branded products and bulk ingredients for customers.

Cannabis Transparency Standards Seal CBD Global

Tracked. Tested. Trusted.TM

Unmatched Standards

The First & Only Cannabis Chain-of-Custody Consumer Safety Seal

Certifications & Practices

The CBD Global name is known synonymously with quality and compliance. Predating the Farm Bill by several years, CBDG set the stage early on in the hemp industry by upholding standards well above those required by government regulators. CBDG continues to serve the industry today as a trusted leader and advisor to businesses and policy makers collectively interested in supporting proactive and self-regulated growth.

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